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this is some sale.

Found in the “sale” section of the Pacific Sunwear website (don’t ask why I was there – sigh, if you must know, I’ve got a thing for Vans slipons. Alright?)

Phew, it’s a good thing I’m saving that one cent! Otherwise, you know, I would have passed.


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for some reason, this is really, really funny.

From the Wikipedia entry on the mid-90s cartoon Darkwing Duck:

(I know, I know, I’ve got plenty of productivity issues.)

“Let’s get dangerous” in other languages

The show was dubbed in several different languages for international distribution. As such, the catchphrase Let’s get dangerous! had to be translated into a similarly catchy phrase for the target language. It often did not keep its literal sense, as a direct translation of the phrase was unlikely to hold the same impact.

Language Phrase Literal translation
Cantonese Chinese 等我搞破壞! Wait till I do some destruction!
Czech Kacer Darkwing! Darkwing Duck!
Danish Lad os så vove fjerene! Now let’s risk our feathers!
Dutch Laten we lekker link gaan doen! Let’s get really risky!
Finnish Ollaan vaarallisia! Let’s be dangerous!
French Ça va craindre un max! It’s gonna get scary big time!
German Zwo, Eins, Risiko! Two, one, risk!
Greek Ας γίνουμε επικίνδυνοι! Let’s get dangerous!
Hindi Ho Jaye Khatron Se Takkar (हो जाए खतरों से टक्कर।) Let’s tackle danger!
Indonesian Hadang bahaya!! Charge the danger!
Italian Dagli addosso, Duck! Go for it, Duck!
Korean 덤벼 보라고! Go ahead and attack me!
Mandarin Chinese 讓我搞破壞! Let me do some destruction!
Norwegian La oss bli farlige! Let’s become dangerous!
Polish Oj, powieje grozą! Oh, it’s gonna be dangerous!
Portuguese(Brazil) Vamos encarar o perigo! Let’s face danger!
Portuguese(Portugal) Vamos correr perigo! Let’s get dangerous!
Russian Ну-ка, от винта! Clear the propeller!
Spanish ¡Hay que entrar en acción! Let’s get into action!
Swedish Nu blir vi farliga!/ (Alternatively: Dags att bli farliga) Now we’re getting dangerous!/Time to get dangerous!
Turkish Haydi, Tehlikeli olalım! Let’s get dangerous!

I think my personal favorite is “Let’s get really risky!”, the Dutch version. The translators must have had an interesting night in Amsterdam or something.

Another interesting note: “In Poland and Sweden the series was considered too brutal, and after a few episodes were aired (despite gaining many fans), the show was taken off.” Buh?

I love living in an age with this type of useless information at my fingertips, I really do.

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the last words i’ll write on this steroid hearing nonsense.

Thanks to Bill Simmons, I now don’t have to write a single word – OK, maybe no more than a paragraph – about this whole “Clemens! Steroids! Crazy ex-Yankees trainers! Oh noes!” soap opera:

Given that we’re dealing with Iraq, global warming, the sub-prime shakeout, the decline of the American dollar, the decline of the public-school system and every other troublesome reality in this country right now, it’s hard to believe some of our most notable Congressmen didn’t have a better way to spend this week than interrogating a disgraced Hall of Fame pitcher and the sad-sack Andy Dick lookalike who once trained him. I do not approve this usage of my tax dollars.

I mean, do people honestly give two shakes about this? And if it does come out that he did use steroids, what’s the upside? It’s not like it will stop potential abusers from using steroids. If anything, if Clemens avoids jail time (his lawyer already is thinking “pardon”), doesn’t it make it more appealing to take performance enhancers for potential steroid abusers? I can imagine more than a few people that would trade having the career that Clemens did for a couple of weeks of public discomfort.

Oh, and Arlen Specter: I hate the Pats as much as the next guy and think they are cheaters, but let’s stick to the stem cell preaching, mmmk?

“We have a right to have honest football games,” [Specter] said.

Wait, srsly?

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exchange of the night, by far. (potomac primary edition.)

paraphrased, obviously, for simplicity’s sake:

Clinton’s former press secretary: “Well, Wolf, we did win Florida and Michigan.”

Wolf Blitzer: “Yeah, but Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in those two states.”

Press secretary: “So?”

Blitzer: “Well, that makes it kinda meaningless, no?”

Press secretary: “Umm, I guess…well, no, it means something, Wolf.”

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