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what a doof.

Jens Lehmann, quote master:

‘As a player I can not promise a victory, only that I will push myself and give my life.’

He added: ‘You know what I mean – my sporting life. My private life belongs to my family.’

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to see Almunia sporting the #1 shirt next year? Lehmann seems like the kind of guy that has never really cared about club football – only playing as a way to be the top keeper for Germany (read: beating Oliver Kahn). It’s strange because it’s usually the total opposite; players usually are more loyal to the organizations that make them their living.


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Really busy with proposals and other posting, but I made time last night for sure to catch the big Arsenal match at the San Siro. This just had to be posted.

Mmmmm, delicious.

A world-beater, this Cesc Fabregas is.

(No Milan representation in the Champions League makes it even sweeter. Cheaters, the lot of ’em. I don’t care how great Maldini was, they fixed matches. So, good riddance.)

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the event of the weekend.

Manchester United v. Arsenal, FA Cup 5th Round tie.

Noon, Saturday.

You know, we just have this nasty habit of breaking United fan’s hearts. Actually, it’s not that nasty, it’s quite heartwarming.

Best goal ever

Oh, and I’ll try not to break anything this time. See you at Lucky Bar!

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