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this is some sale.

Found in the “sale” section of the Pacific Sunwear website (don’t ask why I was there – sigh, if you must know, I’ve got a thing for Vans slipons. Alright?)

Phew, it’s a good thing I’m saving that one cent! Otherwise, you know, I would have passed.


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you’ve got a new email!

Aaron’s challenging all of you to click the god damn button that removes all of your friends from the mailing list of those stupid Facebook “Movies” quizzes.

No, I don’t want to take an Incredible Hulk quiz, a “Who’s Boobs?” quiz, or a quiz on 80s movies that every single person in their twenties has seen approximately three thousand, two hundred and thirty-eight times. (Oh really, Lloyd Dobler is the main character’s name in Say Anything…? And she gives him a pen as a break up gift? I was stumped there for a minute.)

Honestly, I can’t tell you how much I hate this sort of bacn.

Oh wait, I already did.

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listservs are fun, before the morning coffee.

You know, I’ve put some serious thought into making this into a blog where I just highlight ridiculous things from the numerous listservs that I’m on, but I think it might be better to keep it as a once in a while thing. It’ll be more fresh that way.

But anyway, here’s an excerpt from an email that got sent out on the Cleveland Park listserv, which basically tells you everything you need to know about the neighborhood:

Just a quick note to report yet another mischief/criminal type
incident in the neighborhood. Two nights ago a couple of the houses
in the 3100 block of Rodman Street were pelted with eggs. As best we
can tell, it happened in the middle of the night and the eggs were
thrown at the rear of the houses and onto the rooftops. One window
was broken. Nothing was taken–more mischief than crime but a real
pain to clean and, of course, repair in the case of the window. An
empty egg carton with an unfamiliar brand (not typical of the local
grocery stores) was found nearby.

Oh noes! Egg-throwing? We should probably call Homeland Security on the double. This gets double stupidity points for actually coming on the heels of a few emails about people attempting to break into houses by asking for people that didn’t live there. (You know, it’s really almost the same level of crime.)

I mean, the last time I checked, kids get the summer off from school. But don’t ask me – I just watch a lot of Law and Order, and probably aren’t qualified to make conclusions regarding this hideous and unsolvable crime against humanity.

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trust me.

You’ll thank me later.

(Really, it’s best to just keep it open all day.)


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maybe i’m crazy, but:

Is it just me, or is Mountain Dew the most inappropriately named product in the world?

Because, honestly, if I found a bunch of neon, radioactively-green carbonated water on some leaves whilst hiking, the last thing on my mind would be, “wow, that sure looks like some mountain dew.”

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i wonder what the market’s like for a “professional ironer.”

From a message that I just recieved from my friendly neighborhood listserv:

Our long time maid has given up house work and is devoting her efforts
to ironing. She’s been with us for 30+ years and is very nice and
works hard. If any of you have need of a part/full time ironer, please
let me know…

Wait, what? I too have a “professional ironer,” although they go by the more common name of “dry cleaner.” Or, in a lean month, “Aaron.”

Not to be crass, but there can’t be any real money in this, can there?

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for some reason, this is really, really funny.

From the Wikipedia entry on the mid-90s cartoon Darkwing Duck:

(I know, I know, I’ve got plenty of productivity issues.)

“Let’s get dangerous” in other languages

The show was dubbed in several different languages for international distribution. As such, the catchphrase Let’s get dangerous! had to be translated into a similarly catchy phrase for the target language. It often did not keep its literal sense, as a direct translation of the phrase was unlikely to hold the same impact.

Language Phrase Literal translation
Cantonese Chinese 等我搞破壞! Wait till I do some destruction!
Czech Kacer Darkwing! Darkwing Duck!
Danish Lad os så vove fjerene! Now let’s risk our feathers!
Dutch Laten we lekker link gaan doen! Let’s get really risky!
Finnish Ollaan vaarallisia! Let’s be dangerous!
French Ça va craindre un max! It’s gonna get scary big time!
German Zwo, Eins, Risiko! Two, one, risk!
Greek Ας γίνουμε επικίνδυνοι! Let’s get dangerous!
Hindi Ho Jaye Khatron Se Takkar (हो जाए खतरों से टक्कर।) Let’s tackle danger!
Indonesian Hadang bahaya!! Charge the danger!
Italian Dagli addosso, Duck! Go for it, Duck!
Korean 덤벼 보라고! Go ahead and attack me!
Mandarin Chinese 讓我搞破壞! Let me do some destruction!
Norwegian La oss bli farlige! Let’s become dangerous!
Polish Oj, powieje grozą! Oh, it’s gonna be dangerous!
Portuguese(Brazil) Vamos encarar o perigo! Let’s face danger!
Portuguese(Portugal) Vamos correr perigo! Let’s get dangerous!
Russian Ну-ка, от винта! Clear the propeller!
Spanish ¡Hay que entrar en acción! Let’s get into action!
Swedish Nu blir vi farliga!/ (Alternatively: Dags att bli farliga) Now we’re getting dangerous!/Time to get dangerous!
Turkish Haydi, Tehlikeli olalım! Let’s get dangerous!

I think my personal favorite is “Let’s get really risky!”, the Dutch version. The translators must have had an interesting night in Amsterdam or something.

Another interesting note: “In Poland and Sweden the series was considered too brutal, and after a few episodes were aired (despite gaining many fans), the show was taken off.” Buh?

I love living in an age with this type of useless information at my fingertips, I really do.

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