the definitive dc transportation wishlist.

Richard over at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has a lengthy revised wish list for District urban infrastructure/transportation changes and additions. If you’re living in the area, take half an hour to read this and discover that you want pretty much everything included within.

Personally, I’m a big proponent of a streetcar link that roams across Rock Creek Park from Woodley Park to Columbia Heights/U Street – if it’s part of a larger link system, even better. Right now, here’s my options for visiting friends in that area of town from my place:

  • walking, which is not happening in inclement/humid weather or under any sort of time constraint;
  • gambling heavily with the ludicrous “Adams Morgan/U Street Link” bus – which usually takes longer than walking. (Every fifteen minutes during rush hour and weekend nights, that’s the biggest crock from WMATA, an organization that has plenty of ’em. The last time I used it, a Saturday night around 9 pm, it took forty minutes for a bus to arrive.);
  • or, taking the Red Line all the way into Gallery Place-Chinatown, then back out to whatever stop on the Green Line.

A street car running across the Duke Ellington bridge seems the perfect solution. Make it happen, powers that be.


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  1. Thanks. I never thought about it as how long it takes to read. Imagine how long it takes to write… (and the final revision I lost through a blogger failure and had to rewrite).

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