the proper accompaniment to your morning oatmeal.


No time to write a post this morning, so here’s some links for the less busy than I (with a suggested reading order, no less!):

  1. “If there’s one thing this writer has learned over the years, it’s to never tell a woman to get breast reduction surgery.” [Consumerist]
  2. Milan – The Biggest Game At The Emirates Yet [A Cultured Left Foot] (Aaron notes: Oh, how true. I swear to God, my DVR better not break today.)
  3. “Only 22 percent of 3,400 officers holding the rank of major or lieutenant commander and above support the idea of allowing openly gay or lesbian Americans to serve in the military as a means of boosting recruitment.” [Yglesias]
  4. “It’s quite possible in the return leg at the San Siro that Rafa Benetiz fields six holding midfielders. Prepare for anti-football at it’s finest.” [That’s On Point]
  5. Container Store + Sale = Happy girlfriend. [Bargainist]
  6. “The oft-repeated story about [Castro] supposedly having gotten a tryout with the Washington Senators is total bunk, but it’s true that he long harbored a fantasy of playing for the Yankees (where El Duque and Jose Contreras would no doubt have greeted him by saying, “Dude, did you defect too?!”).” [Uni Watch]
  7. “Behold, the Oceáno, a collection of urinals for shy men by Roca, placed at descreet angle from each others that foil ‘peeking’.” [Neatorama]

[photo by andertho.]


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