well, f#@k.


Wow, terrible photo quality, but whatever.

There’s a dent in my Macbook screen.

I can’t believe my luck, but I’m literally at the Apple Store waiting for a quote-unquote genius to tell me that I’ve got no other option than to pay $1,000 to replace my LCD screen (or $400 to send your precious data out to a third-party place to get it repaired…uh, no). Of course, everything I’ve ever read about Macbooks – a bunch – amounts to “they are the greatest machines ever, but mess up your glossy screen, and you’re completely SOL.”

My warranty ended about a month ago – not that it would even cover this little mishap, since it was completely the fault of the stupid retractable USB cable my fault. I can’t even pay for Apple’s ridiculous $249 “extended warranty” at this point to get it fixed. Ah, they’re so kind until they’re so mean, these corporations. (Also, I’m also no aware through reading the actual legalese that Apple won’t fix any screen damage, under warranty or not.)

On the bright side, I called Comcast this afternoon to feign a cancellation, and – shocking – it worked. Of course, this always works. What’s the number one rule of business, once you’re an estabished conglomerate? Keeping an old customer happy is much cheaper than trying to replace him with a new one. So, now, I’m only paying out the nose for cable and internet, instead of giving them one of my minor organs every month. Hurray.

To be fair, the woman I spoke with (and got her direct line when my promo rates expire again in six months, score!) was probably the nicest CSR I’ve ever had the pleasure of lying to (I mean, let’s not sugarcoat things, I’m just a liar. But it’s totally guerrilla warfare out there man!) Thank you, wonderful Comcast lady, you made my day just a teeny bit better.

Now back to waiting for the inevitable.



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3 responses to “well, f#@k.

  1. Mom

    wow, that really does stink…still waiting for the details regarding the (retractable?) rogue USB cable. I hate anything and everything about warranties-it always seems to be a no-win situation with most of them. Hang in there….

  2. My brother got a crack in the image of his screen and Apple were horrible in terms of their customer service. Apple had the computer for almost a month to “assess” the damage to see if they would do it under warranty (even though it was a flaw in the computer that caused the crack rather than actual damage). After countless calls on our part to see why they still had the damn MacBook Pro, they gave us the eff-off. If they weren’t such awesome computers when they actually work, I would go elsewhere…

  3. Thank you for the feedback regarding your experience with one of our Service Representatives. If it would not be too much trouble, if you could forward me the name of the individual and your location, I will make sure they are recognized. I will also share your feedback regarding price.

    Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

    Frank Eliason
    Comcast Executive Offices

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