not a bad night.

1a. Rayanne made cupcakes and brought them to work. That alone deserves top billing. They were awesome – strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. Spectacular.

1b. Then, the lady friend and I made a slight change in our Valentine’s Day plan of me making dinner for the two of us while walking down 14th and New York Avenue. (And don’t worry, I’ll still be doing that, she just took a rain check.) She had always wanted to try the mojitos at Ceiba, and so we were off. We managed to snuggle in at the end of the bar, right next to the receipt generator – which one would imagine would be one of the least desirable spots to sit at any bar, but it guarantees superb service since the barkeep has to walk right next to you every two minutes.


She said it was delicious. And it’s got real bamboo in it. These people aren’t fucking around, man.

Then we needed something to nibble on. I was ready to dive headfirst into the ceviche, but milady wasn’t so much having it. But look at their menu, it’s got ceviche out the wazoo! I attempted to construe the dish by appealing to her Japanese side and describing it as “sushi, but South American style,” which will probably cause her to never eat it in her lifetime. C’est la vie, I love the stuff. Eventually, we settled on the Pulled Barbeque Pork Pupusas. There is a god. Back when I lived on McKinley Street with the South Americans, they used to make these pupusas, but not like this – it was more like street style, not without it’s merits, believe me. Those kind of pupusas you drank with cheap Mexican beer. These kind demanded a fine bourbon and I certainly was happy to oblige.


Although we are flat broke non-profit slaves didn’t have the time to stick around for the $62 “special” Valentine’s Day entree offerings, it was a pretty nice place to go and get a drink. Not cheap, but every now and then, it’s worth it to pay ten bucks for a Maker’s Mark – especially in these bucket glasses (note above)! Totally on the list now, these combination bucket/martini glasses. I sense an email coming to this fine establishment asking where to procure such fun glassware.

1c. And to top it off, I proceeded to dump $70 at H&M (whoo, vests) and eat Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner. Oh, and cuddling. But I totally refused to watch that Lipstick Jungle show. That program just sucks.

So, happy Valentine’s Day.


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