so, does Hillary have a campaign theme or what?

Just one thing that we noticed while sitting on the couch and waiting for our pizza to arrive (oh, yeah, and Hillary is naming a whole bunch of Latino names in the hope that Obama doesn’t steal the only significant demo that she has left), which is this:

We all know that Obama’s got his theme, “yes we can.”

[insert obligatory smarmy blogger si se puede remark here.]

But what does Hillary do to unite us in the spirit of the “U-S-A, U-S-A” chant? I can tell you right now, chanting Hillary over and over ain’t cuttin’ it for us fancy sophisticated city-folk. Does anyone have any suggestions? The girl who shares my couch suggests “Fight the Good Fight,” because she’s nicer than I am. Of course, I’m going with “When the going gets tough, just fire your staff and pretend like they resigned.”

Or she could just keep stealing Obama’s themes, you know, whichever.


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