valuable lessons.


Well, now.

Her daughter traded her ‘zebra cakes’ for a bag of chips. But when the other girl wanted both for herself, the mother said that’s when she wrote the threatening note.

Well, no shit! That’s a terrible trade right there. Stupid kid.

But, really, I think this is good. We’re teaching kids that if you have interests in other places – whether they be zebra cakes, or, you know, oil – you can pretty much just  “shoot you back and kill you”.

After all, it’s working for the Bush Administration, right?

The district said it’s considering how the girl who wrote the note should be disciplined.

Well, if we put it up to an electoral vote, she’ll probably be able to keep her place in the after-school program for another four years.

Ah, God Bless America.


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  1. Mamacita

    Unbelievable! So good to be back and read about all the really important stuff I missed.

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