i think i’m ready to resume non-moving lifestyle.

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting few weeks. We’re almost settled in at the new place – the way I see it, Sara and I went on our second joint grocery shopping trip yesterday, which probably is as good an indicator as any. You know what that means – other than now there’s bananas in our kitchen to snack on (delicious) – I can start to get back to being regular crankety Aaron again.

Before we moved, I halfway considered documenting the whole process on this blog – an experiement in tolerance. Would I be able to balance the reporting of such mundane details like the minutiae involved in purchasing an IKEA couch (much more difficult than imagined) or setting up the new HDTV (just as difficult as I imagined) with the physical and mental drain of moving for the first time with a full time job? Luckily, my smarter half smacked me across the face and I thought the better of it (blogging the experience, not moving). All I can say is that it’s an extremely good thing that we had the 11 days between taking keys at the new place and having to vacate our old places. Everytime I move, I find I have more and more useless stuff to move around. And while you’d like to think that moving twice with all that stuff in a Corolla would make you wise up and throw away/donate some things, the piles just keep getting bigger.

Ah, all that is over now, stories for another day. (I’ve got plenty. Look for the “moving.” tag in the future.)

Sara and I had broiled salmon (which I cooked), Japanese seasoned rice (which she cooked), and a nectar sweet Pinot Grigio last night; sitting at our new dining table in a place we picked together and now call home.

Life can be good.


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  1. Mamacita

    home is where your heart is-
    sounds like you’re happy and that means I’m happy. Speaking of useless stuff… and yes, speak of it we will…. Next time you’re here we’ll have to go through more of your stuff that is awaiting your judgment here in PA.
    hope that doesn’t keep you away because we miss you-Even in Aruba, I miss you. Enjoy the weather, the milkshakes, and Sara….Life is not just good. It’s bloody wonderful!!

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