if it’s not open 24 hours, it’s not really a diner.


I firmly believe in the above statement. A place that serves greasy food and isn’t open 24 hours is just a bad restaurant – not a diner. Being open at any hour is the key to the diner’s everlasting charm.

Sadly, the much beloved American City “Diner” isn’t operating 24 hours every day anymore – which puts their iconic sign slightly out of date. No, the eatery now closes at 11 pm every night – except Friday and Saturday night, when it is open the full 24 hours. I could understand that some people might not know this, because I sure didn’t until I went there looking for a burger after 11 and – surprise!

One caveat to note in addition: it closes at 11 if there are people inside. Last night, it closed at 10:30, probably because the people working didn’t want to stay the extra half an hour to feed a very hungry Aaron.


In any case, count this as one more reason that I’m happy to be moving at least somewhere a little closer to the city. The diner being open 24 hours was one of the few things that didn’t smack of the whole “protectionist, baby boomer, call the cops when we see five 25 year olds carrying a six pack into a house, pull your child away because I’m not wearing a tie and crawling out of an Audi into another Audi” feel of the neighborhood. It was a place down the street from my group house where I could go at midnight on a Monday to get a tasty BLT after a long night of drinking at Wonderland. But those times are over, my friends.

Now, it’s just another restaurant.

Hopefully flickr user dc John wasn’t looking for a black and white milkshake after 11 yesterday.



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2 responses to “if it’s not open 24 hours, it’s not really a diner.

  1. dcjohn

    Yikes, the new hours are disappointing and news to me. I happen to be a fan of black and white milkshakes, and you very well might have saved me a disappointing late-night trek there.

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