sixteen views before ten a.m. – it’s either the apocolypse, or netflix screwed up. (the ordeal is over.)


I logged in this morning only to find that sixteen people had viewed my small little post about the Netflix website being down. That never happens. And by that, I mean that many views before lunch, not the breakdown of the website (that happens plenty of times, apparently). Sixteen page views (by 10 am, no less) is pretty much a record that I’m going to have difficulty breaking unless someone wants to fill me in on a presidential affair or something. Regardless, my first inclination after this is to go to Netflix’s site, and lo and behold – this appears! At least something loaded this time, though, which makes me feel like it’s routine maintanance and not something more serious like their servers exploding.

Judging from my sitemeter, though, there’s some unhappy people in Netflix-land again this morning.

This web-bungling – along with the news that Netflix is lowing subscription costs to match Blockbuster in a move sure to start an ugly price war – is sure to have Netflix stockholders just enthralled. Sure enough, Netflix stock was down 12 percent on Monday, hitting a 52-week low. Awesome!

UPDATE (1:10 pm): Well, now they are saying the site will be up at 11:00 am PST. We’ll see.

Also, thanks to these two posts about Netflix, it’s been a record day around these here parts – the most unique visitors ever to a blog I’ve run. Maybe I’ll just write about Netflix forever.

UPDATE 2 (1:54 pm): Looks like we’re waiting until 1:00 pm PST now. At this rate, we’ll have website access by November. Probably.

UPDATE 3 (3:44 pm): They’ve added a disclaimer! “You can contact Netflix Customer Service at 1-888-638-3549.” That sounds like a good sign that they’ll have the site back up in fifteen minutes!

And literally as I type:

UPDATE 4 (3:47 pm): Now it’s an estimated time of 4:00 PST. Yeah, right.

UPDATE 5 (4:58 pm): My last update before I leave work and head to Soho Coffee Shop – and it looks like Netflix has just given up on the whole “estimated time” business. Now, we’re stuck with no sign about when we’ll again be able to access our queues. I am imagining this is a rather big problem. Could we possibly be dealing with the possiblility of data loss? If we have to redo our queues from scratch, there’s going to be some mighty unhappy people.

UPDATE 6 (6:29 pm): Huzzah! Success. Glad to have you back Netflix. It only took eight hours or so. Thanks.

Go update your queues.


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