apple’s mass emailing?


Three emails from iTunes, within ten hours. If you really want to know, there was one each at 12:10, 6:13, and 10:12 pm. I’m not really sure if this is Apple’s way of paying me back for not purchasing a track in several months (but with BitTorrent, who needs Apple?) – but as someone that has spent a lot of money on Apple products, I’d like to think they could take it easy.

One a day is plenty, guys.

On the other hand, there’s something to be said for a company that allows users to use it’s world-changing software that a large majority of users would probably gladly pay licensing fees for (and do, indirectly, through iTunes music purchases, but that’s another story), for nothing more than a few emails a week that are actually reminders of things they may want to purchase. And while I hardly ever purchase anything, I’ve used the emails to realize that there have been records coming out by bands I like. So, I can’t say the emails are worthless.

But while it’s not “spam” – because by running iTunes, I’ve voluntarily signed up for the emails – and I could set up my Gmail to block them from ever getting into my inbox, I don’t believe I should have to decide to actually do something about it on my end. After all, the emails simply get “marked as read” and passed over in favor of other, better mass emailing – like the Netflix emails telling me that I’ll be watching more of The Wire tomorrow.

So, I’m torn.

(Not really, I just lacked a way to end this post. See you Monday morning with a post about business cards. Aren’t you excited?)


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