netflix’s site is down. (updated.)


(To see the big fuss that is going on today, 7/24, with Netflix’s site being completely shut down, go here, or just view the blog’s home page.)

Yeah, that blue bar isn’t going anywhere. 

Oh, Gods of Netflix, don’t you know that I need to maneuver my queue around every other morning due to a poor sense of foresight? Have mercy!

Looks like I might have to wait to get the other three discs of The West Wing‘s third season until next week. But that’s not really what bothers me. I probably have some stupid flick waiting in the space between. I guess that’s what you get when you try to shuffle around movies while working.


Sidebar: I despise Internet Explorer. I was going to provide a humorous IMDB link in the phrase “some stupid flick” like From Justin to Kelly or something, but no, Internet Explorer does not like fun and crashes when it gets to IMDB – repeatedly. 

Do not feed Internet Explorer after midnight. Do not get Internet Explorer wet. Do not expose Internet Explorer to sunlight.

Seriously, can we install Firefox any sooner?

UPDATE: I guess the site is back up as of 3:00 pm EST. Just in time for me to get the message that the fourth disc of the third season of West Wing is being shipped from Columbus, OH, and not Gaithersburg, MD – and also just in time for me to see that they’ve conveniently skipped over the fifth and sixth disc of the season (both of which have an availability of “now”), to send me the first disc of The Wire‘s first season instead. I’ll gladly take the disc from another series, but still, what’s the point of a queue if you’re not going to follow it? Poor form, Netflix.


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