mid-afternoon roundup: 6.18.2007


  1. The (free!) Fort Reno concert series schedule kicks off tonight in Tenleytown at 7:00 – go for Deleted Scenes, stay for the one inch button count. First one to find a Bauhaus button wins a kazoo! [Fort Reno]
  2. Finally, a decent non-conference game: “Pitt is still trying to move three games, notably Dayton, so it can play Duke Dec. 20 in New York City.” [Pitt Blather]
  3. 26 dogs? Kobayashi will destroy this woman. [WTOP]
  4. It’s fairly pathetic that Andrew Beaujon’s column comparing the ’07 Nats to the ’62 Mets – the worst team in baseball history – is the most encouraging thing about the franchise. Hey guys, we’re projected at 70-92! Awesome! (That said, it is rather enjoyable.) [City Desk]
  5. Give us this day, our daily literature: The Times’ Francis X. Clines on one man who is attempting to make “Support Our Troops” more than a magnet slogan. [NYT]

In his travels, flickr user Dan Coulter may have finally found a match for the mighty Kobayashi.


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