mid-afternoon roundup: 6.15.2007


Yeah, I missed out on the roundup yesterday. Shockingly, there was work to be done at le gran think tank, and I was the man to do it. But today? Not as productive, although I did rip the pants off the third season DVD of Curb Your Enthusiasm (weekend viewing all set).

So, without further ado. Ahem.

  1. Inbetween roll calls and votes, House and Senate members bathe in cash. See McDuck, Scrooge. [WaPo]
  2. Phew, just in time – hot dog evaluations. But since the guidelines didn’t permit condiments, they all should have scored zero. Can’t eat a dog without ketchup and mustard, man. [Off The Broiler]
  3. Special BoingBoing “Stupid CEO” Edition: Record execs are a touchy bunch, no? [BB] Related: NBC says that people stealing season five of Seinfeld probably a bigger problem than aggravated robbery. No, really. [BB]
  4. Q: How do you hug a man? A: It’s called a handshake, moron. [Pogue’s Posts]
  5. Give us this day, our daily literature: Teddy Wayne on his relationship’s customer service line. [McSweeney’s]

Update: While you’re looking at Wayne’s piece – McSweeney’s apparently has hit some financial trouble, and are having what one could only call a firesale at their online store. Go buy things. I highly recommend Nick Hornby’s essay collection Housekeeping vs The Dirt, as well as The Better of McSweeney’s first ten issues. Both under ten dollars. So, go.

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