disc read errors = the suck.


I’m finished with my Playstation 2.

Completely fed up, finito, end of the line.

The above picture is what my PS2 looks like most of the time – broken open in blind attempts to move the laser higher or lower so that it can even read the discs – nevermind playing without shaking, bumps, and sometimes outright skips in the game.

It’s incredibly fun, as you can imagine.

For the unitiated, Sony’s 1st generation PS2 is one of the most shoddily crafted pieces of machinery ever built. There are any number of things that break very easily – for example, the A/V input doesn’t really stay in place on my machine unless you unleash the force of the Hulk to jam it in – but there’s only one fault that Sony has actually been successfully sued over.

The dreaded Disc Read Error.

As you can read in the links above, this problem “will hunt down your PS2 and settle down there.” Basically, the PS2 laser won’t read any disc. This is especially problematic for me, since I have the system for really one purpose: FIFA 07. But half the time when I want to play it, I’m required to perform intermediate level surgery on my console to get it to load. I don’t know if you can see from the picture above, but it requires:

  1. unscrewing the frame of the PS2 (the screws from the exterior are now actually hard to unscrew because they’ve been filed down from too many unscrewings,)
  2. unscrewing the top of the laser case – with an eyeglass screwdriver (note: this is really annoying, and I’m on my third eyeglass repair kit,)
  3. blindly moving a white dial to move the laser up or down, with no semblance of rhyme or reason,
  4. inserting a disc and seeing if it loads,
  5. if not, repeating steps 3 and 4 over and over until it works,
  6. then screw everything back together and hope that the laser doesn’t shift back to an unreadable level in the interim.

Did I mention that you’re messing around inside a machine that is getting electric current sent through it?

This whole process usually takes 30 minutes or so, depending on how lucky you are. It has taken almost an hour in the past though – especially the first time I did it. It’s really difficult enough to find time to play some football on the PS2, but even moreso difficult to try and budget out half an hour anytime I want to play a fifteen minute match.

Maybe I’ll end up like flickr user mookiy below. I’d really take some pleasure in that actually.


Bah, good riddance to that piece of junk. Anyone have an Xbox 360 they’d like to give me?


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