mid-afternoon roundup: 6.12.2007


  1. Phillies soon to be losers for the 10,000th time. [Bats]
  2. DC Councilwoman robbed at gas station. In her own ward. [NBC4]
  3. Gay Bomb > Soy Bomb? I think not! [Wonkette]
  4. Oh, that Obama. With his stylish minimalism, it’s only a matter of time. [WSJ, h/t to Wonkette]
  5. Perry Farrell, pretentious bastard? Duh. [The DCeiver]
  6. Give us this day, our daily literature: Rebecca McClanahan on the tireless working women of World War II Germany. From Brevity, issue 24. [Brevity]

flickr user ny156uk reminds me it’s time for caffeine.


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2 responses to “mid-afternoon roundup: 6.12.2007

  1. sara

    I have decided Kyrgyzstan is the hardest country to spell… for some reason, I can’t spell it correctly. Damn those stans…

  2. Paul

    Cool my shot made it somewhere else! Thanks

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