the flickr feed.

One of the greatest things about having a blog right now is the ability to have a flickr feed over there on the right. I really enjoy coming back and looking at my own blog (which is not to say I can’t read my posts – writers must satisfy their egos, no?), just to see what kind of pictures are going to be displaying. Since I’ve set the feed to the general “washingtondc” tag, there’s always a good mix of the monuments, the art, and sometimes just the everyday quote-unquote mundane of DC. For instance, yesterday, there was a picture of a shirtless man that I can only assume was from some user’s slideshow of the Pride parade on Saturday – yet about 15 minutes later, there was an image of the Supreme Court facade.

For all I know it could have been Anthony Scalia. But probably not.

[Thanks to flickr user Kyle Walton for the photo of the ceiling of the National Building Museum. Some fantastic stuff in his profile; I recommend it highly.]


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