only in watertown.

Yup, this is where I grew up.

Svetlana Van Buren said store personnel surreptitiously videotaped a man taking photos up her skirt while she was shopping for coffee at the company’s store in Watertown on June 14, 2006. It was only after the man committed the crime that store personnel told her the photos had been taken and that the act was caught on tape, said Van Buren…

The lawsuit contends that the store and law enforcement officials knew the man “secretly stalked” female customers for the purpose of taking upskirt photos, but did nothing to prevent it from happening to Van Buren. T.J. Maxx should have used either a private female detective, a policewoman or a female employee who consented to being photographed to set a trap for the man, the lawsuit said.

Classy. I love upstate New York!

(Note: Yes, this story was also in the Express’ vaunted “inside cover news of the weird” today. Unfortunately, the Washington Post isn’t big on copying and pasting from their PDFs, as the daily version available on Express’ site is password protected. Since they give out approximately 17,000 copies every day that end up in the garbage, I’m not quite sure why I can’t copy and paste a story into my blog.)

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