mid-afternoon roundup: 6.11.2007

  1. Some D.C. public pools open this afternoon; on a related note, area hospitals gearing up for surge in hepatitis patients. [Washington City Paper]
  2. Arsenal has switched over to white away kits. Methinks they look pretty classy, but don’t expect to see me wearing one, because Tottenham sucks. [Arsenal.com]
  3. From one week ago, but an interesting read nonetheless: As much as The College Board would like you to believe it, the SAT is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to college admission. The Post’s Jay Matthews is on the online banter. [WaPo]
  4. Sopranos’ finale fallout. (Yeah, spoilers.) Positive. Negative. Watched the NBA Finals, because that’s what they pay me for. It’s alright, both programs sucked. [Check the Fien Print/Best Week Ever/Salon (subs req.)/Miami Sun Sentinel]
  5. Give us this day, our daily literature: Dave Eggers on childhood’s sweet summer imagination. Also includes references to “First Blood” and “The Karate Kid,” of course. [The New Yorker]

Thanks to flickr user pingnews.com for the shot of not-yet-fallen dominos.


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