this weekend: june 2007, #2.

– Saturday, the Ninth –

Fark likes presidential humor. [Fark]

It was Gay Pride Weekend in DC. So, you know, that guy on the Metro whose shirt said “PRIDE, NOT PREJUDICE” probably wasn’t talking about the Army. Alright, maybe it was both. [DCist/WaPo]

Some guy named Clemens came back to baseball. People in Boston and New York immersed; rest of country, indifferent. [Deadspin]

Traffic in DC a problem? No way! [WTOP]

– Sunday, the Tenth –

In futbol: United creamed Red Bull New York. [Soccernet] Barcelona’s Messi channels Maradona (but Barce chokes anyway…). [YouTube] A crazy Danish fan who attacked a ref in a Euro 2008 qualifier causes Denmark to play next four home qualifiers to empty crowds. [Soccernet]

“Blind? No, problem, you’ve got a job as a truck driver in MY company.” [MSNBC]

It’s no joke that you can get more news out of Leno’s nightly seven-minute monologue than you can out of seven hours of watching cable news. GO AMERICA! [TeachJ]

I guess I need to drop by this Big Bear Cafe. [In Shaw/Bloomingdale]


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