mid-afternoon roundup: 6.8.2007

RFK Stadium 

  1. Let me get this straight: a baseball team with 16,000 current season ticket holders, playing at .400 (24-36), and receiving a gift-wrapped new stadium next April that cost the taxpayers somewhere close to $1 billion decided to raise season ticket prices by 150%? Nationals owner Stan Lerner, moron class act. [Metroblogging DC]
  2. DCist’s Unbuckled VI bands announced. (People with “ironic” fanny packs, rejoice.) [DCist]
  3. DC Restuarant Week dates set for August 6-12. No further details, but sources indicate that lots of good eateries will be offering three course meals for around thirty dollars, when it would usually cost you $70. Just a guess. [DCFoodies]
  4. Why suburbs are killing us all, literally. [Occam’s Razor]
  5. Instead of trying to make friends on Facebook, Times columnist Michelle Slatalla might want to work on her relationship with her ungratefully bitchy daughter. [NYT]

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