i found this passage pretty much true.

from Dave EggersA Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius:

“While temping, there are breaks, and lunch, and one can bring a Walkman if one so desires, can take a fifteen-minute break, walk around, read – It’s bliss. The temp doesn’t have to pretend that he cares about their company, and they don’t have to pretend that they owe him anything. And finally, just when the job, like almost any job would, becomes too boring to continue, when the temp has learned anything he could have learned, and his milked it for the $18/hr and whatever kitsch value it may have had, when to continue anymore would be a sort of death and would show a terrible lack of respect for valuable time – usually after three or four days – then neatly enough, the assignment is over. Perfect.”

let me just say that i find it very refreshing to read someone who openly knows about the whole temping process.

then again, i do like my job a lot. but i do appreciate the passage for what it is.

and i do bring my book and my iPod to work. because it is bliss.


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