alright, time to get back on track.

i need this.

there needs to be more of an effort in my life to write more. even if it’s of the totally-rambling-not even trying to make sense variety. just needing to get the writing going again. i was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal, and the basic gist was found in the headline, “Can’t Bloggers Ever Take A Break?” – which is unquestionably true. since i don’t smoke, i can only imagine that this is what it’s like to try and stop smoking, in some really backwards way. if you don’t do it every day, it’s oh-so-difficult to get started. you just accumulate material (i’ve got emails full of quotes and great little articles), but you’re never motivated to put it in here.

maybe it’s just me.

but i’m making a resolution.

so, let’s start the insanity.


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