i guess i’m still only 22.

interesting news from punknews.org (story quoted below), with source:

Noah Eber-Schmid, a graduate of Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., recently received a $25,000 Thomas J. Watson fellowship to study punk culture in Europe. He will spend a year visiting various countries; interviewing punks and studying European punk ideology, for a project titled “The Kids Are Alright? Punk Subcultures as Community and Movement”.

i know it’s a graduate thesis, but suddenly my undergrad work seems a bit overshadowed.

even more shocking is that somebody on PN’s message board interns at the freakin’ Daily Show. how do you go about getting that job?




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2 responses to “i guess i’m still only 22.

  1. Something tells me the Daily Show guy sent in an application … and then they accepted him? I don’t know, I’m not a job counsellor.


    PS — I’m watching late night Comedy Central and they have those Girls Gone Wild ads … I think I saw Tessa.

  2. I crumbled and decided to start a photoblog on here , this way i can make sure your still alive in Bethesda. haha and share art

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