so, i’ve finally made the switch.

yes, i finally took the leap and converted over to the more and better options of WordPress (not to mention the low, low cost of nothing for most of this stuff that LJ was charging $19.99 a year for – pshaw.) but that is not to say that there aren’t things that i will miss about the good ole’ livejournal. as far as i can see, there isn’t any option to head your blog entries with your music and mood – a trade-off of juvenile egotism for some introverted professionalism, i suppose. but i will miss that, actually. often times, that was the only thing leading me to get on to the blog and pound out some maniacal ramblings about game five of the 2005 NLCS (which is still my favorite television moment of all time, without a doubt), which in turn led me to some of my better ramblings on the computer page, which eventually led me to finishing school.

so, thanks, little music line. i’ll miss you.

oh, and the penguins! i’ll miss their little leaps on the off-chance that my mood was anything greater than “happy” – no more leaping pengies for “ecstatic”s and “jubilant”s. which is actually hard to swallow at the time being. either that or it’s 85 here at midnight and the sweat is falling into my eyes.

but bigger and better things await here at WordPress. i say bigger, because well, i’m going someplace new (thankfully with internet access, phew), and opening a new chapter in the as yet unfinished story of me. hopefully my uncanny sense of menial wit and devious charms will serve me well as i relocate to the district of columbia. (but don’t get used to me saying that. i think i can still get away with calling it that up here in PA, but not so much there.) finally, sara and i will be around each other, and while i’d like to think we have a pretty good relationship, we’ve never had a real kind of city relationship. it’ll be great.

better, because i can once again feel excited about writing in a blog, with interesting people around, and interesting things to experience that are totally new to me. especially in washington – it’s so vibrant and fun to be there. surrounded by like-minded young people, it should be as close to the optimal life as i can get at this point.

that said, it’s time for bed. lots of packing tomorrow, along with the worries that i won’t have all the screws to put together my bed from IKEA when i get down to the house. sigh.

but, just for kicks:



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6 responses to “so, i’ve finally made the switch.

  1. Shana

    So glad to see you existing through words again.

    This means that you’re alive, and weren’t a bot on aim the other night. Also, I meant to ask you if you’ve been writing this summer?

  2. Yeah, it’s refreshing to be back, without a doubt.

    And no, I’m not a robot. Yet.

    As far as writing goes, I’ve been more than a little bit preoccupied with trying to find something that pays me money to put my skills to good use, also trying to transport myself down to Washington. So I expect the writing to zoom very shortly, after all this moving is done.

  3. Em

    So tell me Aaron, besides the aesthetically pleasing look of wordpress, what are the benefits that makes this better than LJ? Just curious, and tempted to make a switch…

  4. Valencia

    I sent you a response on your LJ instead of here- ahhhhhhh……IKEA-a virtual plethera of “do-dads”to peruse! I am so addicted to fun,useless objects- not to mention(but I shall) the joy of uncovering an incredible bargain in the “as is” section—-in your words: cool beans….

  5. Valencia

    oops….that should be a plethra, right?

  6. or plethora. whichever.


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